The Bear at Independence

Our nine-hole course where traditional golfers, footgolfers, and disc golfers can play at the same time with each hole having a disc golf basket and holes for golf.

Welcome to The Bear!

Built with every type of golfer in mind, The Bear Short Course at Independence Golf Club is a walking-only par 3 nine-hole course that offers Traditional Golf, FootGolf, and Disc Golf.

The Tom Fazio-Designed course is located at the back of the property in the sectio known as the North Campus.

Adding to the playing experience are the greens, each of which features a different variety of grass developed by the School of Plant and Environmental Science within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech. Not only do golfers have the opportunity to experience different putting surfaces, but the unique partnership with Virginia Tech allows the school to conduct educational research.


where soccer meets golf.

Players who fancy their footwork over swinging a club will find this unique golf hybrid a must-try on The Bear. FootGolf is played from tee boxes, with each player aiming for the 21-inch cup adjacent to the green in the fewest number of kicks. The same rules of golf apply; Footgolf utilizes the same holes as golf.

Adding to the fun and competition, golfers and Footgolf players can enjoy a round together! All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined way and show respect and sportsmanship regardless of how competitive the players may be.
The appeal to FootGolf is the inclusivity and simplicity.

fully enjoy your surroundings.

For junior golfers, families, beginners and accomplished players – The Bear Course is an ideal experience. The distinctive Par-3 Course features nine holes of varying lengths and offers various degrees of difficulty to challenge every caliber of golfer.

Experienced players looking to sharpen their iron play will find the natural hazards and optimal tee placements. In addition to standard cup sizes, the greens offer alternative eight-inch cups for players learning the game.

ideal for any level of golfer.
Disc Golf

know it & throw it.

Sharing the scenic landscape is our Nine-Hole Par-3 Disc Golf Course.

This course features an open design with challenging natural hazards, as well as basket locations that mimic the hole but instead, sitting on the outskirts of the fairways. Due to the proximity of the courses, players must be mindful of the shared space.

Experience these challenging nine holes, all with 3 tee pads that sit on grass. Each hole consists of one Discraft Chainstar Basket.

course designed by Eli Bowman.