Custom Golf Of Virginia

Welcome to our hub for premier golf club customizations.

With over three decades of mastering the craft, we ensure your clubs feel right and deliver results on the course.

Services offered:



Renew the feel of your club, ensuring you have the perfect grip every time.


Opt for a shaft that complements your swing, enhancing your performance.

Lengthening / Shortening Clubs

Make sure your clubs match your stature and swing style.

Loft and Lie Adjustments

Tweaking the loft and lie for irons and putters to ensure they perfectly match your swing.


Swing weight adjustments - Improve the balance and feel of your clubs for an optimized swing.

Club Blueprinting

Get the complete layout and specification of your club, understanding every detail.


Custom club fitting is not just about the right length or grip;
it’s about ensuring that every part of the club works in harmony with your unique swing.

Why Choose Custom Golf of Virginia?

Master Certified

With over 30+ years of experience, Charlie Flocco is a trusted name in custom club fitting

Real Environment Fitting

Fittings are done outside on grass (weather permitting). After all, the truth is in the dirt!

Tailored Fitting Options

Whether it’s full bag, driver, irons, putter, or wedge fitting, we’ve got you covered.

Premium Brands

We house some of the top brands including Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, and Mizuno.

Booking an Appointment

Ready to elevate your game? Schedule a fitting session with Charlie by calling at 804.464.3721

Thank you for choosing Custom Golf of Virginia. Swing true, play better, and let your clubs be an extension of your skill.

Note: Please ensure bookings are done in advance to guarantee a slot.

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