Kate & Kelly’s

Fitness Classes

at Independence Golf Club
Fitness is the Ultimate Game Changer.

We know working out is hard — we’re not about to make it harder.

That’s why we’re offering the entire month of July free!

Free classes start on Tuesday, July 6th, and ending July 31st!

Checkout the new fitness program at Independence Golf Club! These innovative workouts deliver challenging and fun classes where all levels of fitness can be enjoyed.

Circuit Training (CT) Classes

Circuit Training classes are held on TUESDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGS @ 7AM, in the parking lot.

This class is a safe and effective workout that combines cardio and bodyweight strength training. It's designed to push you harder than you would push yourself.
Start with a warm-up and then blast through exercises that will range from cardio training to using your own body weight for resistance.
This class will burn calories, increase your cardio fitness, tone muscles and build strength.
We welcome all fitness levels; every exercise can be modified to meet you exactly where you are on your fitness journey.

Flexible Strength Classes

Flexible Strength Classes will be on SATURDAY MORNINGS @ 7AM.

This class brings a different approach to building strength and flexibility. Designed by using a sequence of functional movements that build on each other.
The repetition of the movements builds mastery, increases joint range of motion and improves balance and core strength. Flexible strength decreases your risk of injury, reduces muscle soreness and improves athletic performance.

These classes are Perfect for:

  • Mothers with strollers
  • Golfers anting more flexibility
  • Anyone just getting into fitness, athletes, anyone!

Both classes run for 45 minutes. Please bring a Towel/Mat and Water Bottle.

Get In Touch with Us!

If the class times are not convenient for you, please reach out to one of us and we can work something out!

Kelly Muthiora

Phone: (804) 814-9441

Email: kmuthiora@hotmail.com

Kate Madison

Phone: (804) 878-9283

Email: katemadison@yahoo.com