About Our Programs

Whether you want to be the next big pro or just getting started, our qualified Independence and PGA instructors combine the best in golf education with exclusive amenities to improve your game. Our prestigious learning institution offers a range of individual, group and junior instruction utilizing both indoor and outdoor amenities 

Individual Instruction
Each of our professionals offers individualized instruction comprised of a single lesson and lesson series packages. Lessons may be scheduled by calling the Golf Shop at (804) 601-8612.

Our Instructors:

Kelly Hall, PGA
Director of Player Development

After over 20 years in the private club world, Kelly is excited to return to his roots in public golf.  Starting as a bag room attendant at 16, he has never worked outside of golf.  Kelly attained his Class “A” status with the PGA of America in 1999 and has spent time in Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and Florida during his career.  He has worked at public, resort and private facilities, giving him a wealth of experience and knowledge due to the differences of each type of property and location.  He hopes to bring the best of those experiences to Independence along with fresh ideas for where the game is going in the future.

A teacher for more than 20 years, Kelly has worked with juniors as young as 5 through retirees with over 60 years of playing experience. Seeing such a variety of students with different learning styles has taught him how to best interact with each individual.  Kelly believes there are many different ways to swing the club and will work with your natural motion and abilities to help you be your best.  He enjoys working with both men and women, and has the ability to keep things simple for beginners and to focus on something very specific for a scratch golfer.  When asked about the student/teacher relationship, he responded: “Find an instructor who is truly interested in helping you reach your goals, whatever they may be, and not one who is only interested in showing you how much they know about the swing.  The art of teaching revolves around knowing what information your student really needs to hear to improve and reach their goals.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the excitement students get when they see the result they have been working towards knowing that I have helped them reach that goal.”  Kelly is also one of only three Titleist Performance Institute Certified professionals in the Richmond area who is also a PGA Professional.  TPI certifies golf, fitness and medical professionals to evaluate your body’s ability to move during the swing. By being able to identify limitations or deficiencies in your motion, Kelly can adjust his teaching to accommodate those limitations or put you in touch with one of his fitness or medical partners to help you change your body. So whether need a quick fix or a complete overhaul, stop by and see what Kelly can do for you. Rest assure, he will do whatever he can to help make your experience here at Independence the best it can be.

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Lessons are 55 minutes unless otherwise noted
Individual Adult: $100
Individual Adult 1/2 Hour: $55
Individual Junior: $50
Group of 2: $150 
Group of 3 - 6:  $50 per studentThe "Foursome": $600 (4 students together for a 3 hour session)
Player Development Series: $600 for 6 sessions plus supervised practices


Mahrty Lehr, PGA

PGA Teaching Professional

“Mahrty is an old soul golf teacher. He patiently taught me fundamentals of the golf swing in my 30s and 40s. Over the last 30 years of exploring, learning and working on my swing technique, I am back to his original teachings. He is a diamond in the rough, knows the golf swing and really cares about his students. Mahrty Lehr has the pure wisdom and knowledge to create the most efficient motion for the golf swing” ~ Natalie Easterly 

Mahrty started as a professional in 1967, including stints on the Canadian and American tours. He has vast teaching experience, including working with Bob Toski (a No. 1 instructor for 25 years) for five years, as well as holding head professional jobs in Florida, being the PGA director of instruction at Willow Oaks Country Club in Richmond and more. Now Mahrty is at Independence as a private instructor and is ready to give you the gift of golf. 

You can take your golf game to the next level, gain consistency, and “Side by Side: Golf Lessons with the Pro” can help you do it. PGA Class “A” Professional Mahrty Lehr provides techniques for golfers of all levels to improve their game. By mastering the fundamentals – grip, posture, alignment, the short game, and the long game – golfers of all levels can play successfully with ease. 

Lessons: $100 (30 minutes) / $150 (1 hour) / $400 (series of five) / Playing Lesson (9 holes): $400
Junior: $65 (30 minutes) / $240 (series of five) 
Phone: (804) 356-1334

Mahrty Lehr is beloved by his students and is pleased to finally offer the instruction manual they have requested for so long. Most people have a tendency to overanalyze and over-teach the golf swing but “Side by Side: Golf Lessons with the Pro” keeps it simple. Readers will easily understand cause and effect so they can apply the proper fundamentals, make any corrections necessary, and experience the immense satisfaction of a round well played.

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