Robins Junior Academy

The Robins Elite Junior Academy is a program designed to take Junior golfers to the next level. While swing mechanics will be a part of any instruction program, the REJA is geared more towards playing golf and learning how to practice to reach playing goals.

Two divisions will be offered based on skill level:  The Jr. Division ages 7-12 and the Sr. Division ages 13-17

Each division will include instruction and competition sessions.
The program will run for 6 consecutive weeks, beginning April 16th - May 26th
Divisions will be limited to 48 players each and include the following benefits:

      Supervised practice session every week. KMgolf Instruction team members will provide programming and instruction at all supervised practice sessions. 

      Junior Division - Tuesday 5:30 - 6:45pm or Wednesday 5:45 to 7:00pm

      Senior Division - Wednesday 4:15 - 5:30pm or Thursday 5:30 to 6:45pm

      Matches will be held weekly starting at 4:00pm on Sundays for both divisions. 

      Formats will vary based on division and week, including team and individual events. Stableford, match play, alternate shot, scramble and individual will all be used. Competitions will utilize the Bon Secours Mentor Cours and the Championship Courses. 

      One week will be mixed teams, one from each division.

      Tee positions will also vary from fixed yardage to scaled courses featuring par 3,4 and 5 lengths.

      Parent volunteers will be recruited for competition days to assist with format, scoring and pace of play.

      Tuition for the series will be $379 per player.

How To Register:
Registration is available online or by contacting the Robins Junior Program Director, Drew Clements via email at [email protected]
KMgolf Instruction team members will provide programming and instruction at all supervised practice sessions. Contact KMgolf via email: [email protected]