Passion Academy

Passion Academy is Richmond’s premier Academy for the Arts offering music and dance for all ages. We are located at 3921 Deep Rock Road in Glen Allen, VA just 5 minutes east of Short Pump Town Center off of Gaskins and Broad.

Our Mission

Passion Academy is a School for the Arts that trains, equips and mobilizes people of all ages who want to pursue music and dance disciplines. Our unique mentorship environment helps to build strong character that will sustain people where their gifts may lead.

Students are given an opportunity to receive weekly coaching/instruction in the following disciplines: instrumentation, vocals, sound engineering, media technologies and dance expression.

Our community of students experience teaching from world-class artists while building essential leadership disciplines.

We We Offer

Private Music Lessons
Group Music Lessons
Music Recitals and Student Performance Nights – Several times throughout the year
Band Performance Program
Leadership Training
Dance for Youth and Adults
Dance Recitals
Music & Dance Camps
Songwriting Classes
Sound Engineering & Media Classes
Band Rehearsal Space

What You Can Expect

Passion Academy is a fun, engaging and safe place for students of all ages to learn the art of music and dance. We are Richmond’s premier Academy for the Arts that is designed to teach with excellence and committed to empowering our students to be their best.

The Passion Academy Philosophy

Passion Academy was created to give students of all ages the opportunity to explore the possibilities in the world of fine arts. Whether it’s music, dance or early education experiences, we build all of our programs around the same three foundations:

  1. Creativity – We believe every student possesses a unique gift of creativity. Our mentors tailor each experience to help students to foster, uncover and explore their creative and problem-solving potential.
  2. Discipline – Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. At Passion Academy, we are committed to instilling discipline in our students to achieve their highest potential.
  3. Performance – We are committed to teaching our students to perform at their best. Whether that’s in a recital, concert or a performance event, our students will be coached on self-awareness, presentation and audience engagement.

This is our philosophy and our promise to you.

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