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If you haven’t heard of Foot-Golf yet, Independence is here to give you a firsthand lesson in the newest sports trend sweeping the country. Foot-Golf is golf, but with a couple obvious differences. First, you use a soccer ball instead of a golf ball. Second, you use your feet instead of a golf club. And third, the hole is 21 inches wide (five times larger than a normal golf hole)!

Foot-Golf is easy to learn, easy to play, and easy on your wallet! Plus, it can be played in virtually any weather and you won’t need to lug a bag of clubs around! It only takes about one hour to play a round, and costs the same as playing a round on the Mentor Short Course. It is the perfect recreational alternative to those who can’t get enough golf. So if you’re itching to give Foot-Golf a try, head over to The Quill today.

You can learn more about Foot-Golf from the PGA by clicking here – – – > Foot-Golf
Check out some photos of the christening of our new Foot-Golf layout: