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About 11 years ago the VSGA, along with the generous help of Dr. Jack Frable, set out to create a tournament at Independence that would attract the best high school players in Virginia. This vision came to pass and the tournament has evolved into the premier competition for high school golfers in Virginia.

 In 2015, the College Prep Golf Tour stepped in to take the reigns of this elite tournament. Founder, Steve Hornsby said, “We are honored to be invited and run this tournament. It attracts the best high school golfers in the state. This year we have 16 high schools and about 100 players involved, so we are very happy to see the tournament continue to flourish.”

 Hornsby also wanted to thank Dr. Jack Frable for his generous donations each year that makes this event possible.

 When asked about his involvement Dr. Frable remarked, “When I was growing up we had no good junior tournaments and it is important to me that we have them now. It’s for the good of the game.”

 Yesterday at noon there was a shotgun start to begin the first of two rounds played this week.

 Last night, there was a dinner and reception with special guests Sports Psychologist, Dr. Nick Molinaro and VCU Head Golf Coach, Matt Ball. Dr. Molinaro spoke to the players about the pressure that they experience on and off the course. Coach Ball gave the players some insight as to what it takes to play competitive golf at a collegiate level.